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Release Note

New Feature | User ID Export Feature Officially Released

We are pleased to announce the official release of an optional feature that allows you to export user IDs from the administration screen. This is a transition from the beta version that was previously available to some of our customers.


In Repro's administration screen, you can create audiences by filtering the group of users to be delivered. The user ID export function is an optional feature that allows you to export the user IDs of your saved audiences.
In addition to the users you have filtered out, you can also use Smart Audience™ You can also export the user IDs of users that the AI has churned out as a CSV file.

Use case

By using this function, the following can be achieved.

Integrate offline purchase information with online behavioral information on Repro

It will be possible to implement marketing measures using both online and offline behavioral information.

Using the user ID export function, extract the user IDs of "users who have not launched the app within the last 30 days".
By cross-referencing this with POS data, you can implement marketing measures to encourage "users who have visited stores but have not yet made it a habit to launch the app" to launch the app.

Use LINE and chat customer service tools as delivery channels


Segments created in Repro can be imported into LINE and chat customer service tools. You can use those channels to communicate with your users.

How to set up on the admin panel


Saving your audience

    • Open the Repro management screen, select Marketing > Audiences, and go to the audience list screen


    • Click the Create New button to save the audience



Run export


    • Select the audience you have created and open the audience details screen.
    • Click on the "Start Export" button
    • A few minutes later, you will be issued with a link to download the CSV file, click on it to download the CSV file


Specifications of the output CSV file


    • To save processing time, CSV files will be split into four CSV files regardless of the number of output files, and cannot be combined into a single file


  • The CSV file download links have a two-hour download validity period. You will not be able to download the CSV file from the link after it expires. If this happens, please refresh the screen and enable the download link again.
  • CSV download links will be deleted 3 days after the link is issued. If you wish to reacquire the download link, please start the export again.

Please note


  • To use this function, you need to set up a user ID. Please make sure that you have set up a user ID for the service you are using.
  • If you are not sure what type of user ID is set, please check with the engineer in charge of the implementation.
  • If you have not set a user ID, the information for the corresponding user will not be included in the output file. If the number of user IDs in the output file is lower than expected, please check the timing of setting user IDs.
  • Only user IDs can be obtained in the output file. It is not possible to obtain user behavior information.
  • To obtain user behavior information, please use event data export. You can output a CSV file of who executed which event and when.

For more information, please visit here.

How to start using this feature


This is an optional feature and requires prior application.
Please contact our Customer Success staff or sales staff for more information. The following procedures are required to start using the service.

    1. Conclude contract Exchange the application form for using the option
    2. Setup work After signing the contract, we will perform the setup work
    3. Beginning of use As soon as the setup is complete, you will be contacted by our Customer Success team. Please confirm that the user ID can be successfully exported from the administration screen

      It takes about 3 business days from the time of application to the time of start of use.

      Questions and feature requests

      Please contact us through the #feature- requests channel in the Pluto Slack channel for users. requests channel in the Pluto Slack channel for users. Alternatively, please contact our Customer Success team directly.