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Release Note

Extension of Repro SDK Support Version End Schedule

Thank you for your continued support of Repro.

We are pleased to announce that we will be extending the end date for the Repro SDK support from March 31, 2021 to August 31, 2022.
If you are using a version of Repro SDK that does not meet the following specifications, please continue to update your software.

Specified SDK version

Repro SDK Version Details
iOS 5.1.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ios/upgrade.html
Android 5.1.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/android/upgrade.html
Unity 6.0.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/unity/upgrade.html
Cordova 6.0.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/cordova/upgrade.html
Cocos2d-x 5.0.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/cocos2d-x/upgrade. html
React Native 3.0.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/react-native/ upgrade.html
Flutter 1.0.0 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/flutter/upgrade.html

Effects after the end of support for the Repro SDK


After the end of the service, devices using less than the specified version of the Repro SDK will not be able to upload data to Repro.
Also, push notifications will no longer be delivered to the relevant devices.
Please take into account the penetration rate of updates in your application and consider the schedule for supporting updates.

How to check the version of Repro SDK you are currently using

1. Notice at the top of the admin screen


If you are not using the latest version of Repro SDK, you will see the notice at the top of the Dashboard screen.

2. Project settings screen


You can also check the SDK version from the Project Settings screen in the admin panel.
Go to Settings > Project Settings > Repro Features
and check the version number that is displayed.

Repro SDK support period


In principle, the support period is two years from the release date of the relevant version.
In order to provide continuous and stable services to our customers, we are updating the functionality on a daily basis, so we ask for your cooperation in updating the Repro SDK on a regular basis.
Please refer to the release notes for the release date of each SDK.

The latest version of Repro SDK at this time


The latest version of each SDK and the changes for each are as follows


Repro SDK Version Release Date Details
iOS 5.2.12 December 21, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ios/releases .html#ios-5-2-12
Android 5.1.9 Dec 23, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ android/releases.html#android-5-1-9
Unity 6.2.1 Dec 23, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/unity/ releases.html#unity-6-2-1
Cordova 6.1.1 Dec 23, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ cordova/releases.html#cordova-6-1-1
Cocos2d-x 5.1.0 2020/11/04 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ cocos2d-x/releases.html#cocos2d-x-5-1-0
React Native 3.1.1 Dec 23, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases /sdk/react-native/releases.html#react-native-3-1-1
Flutter 1.1.0 November 02, 2020 https://docs.repro.io/en/releases/sdk/ flutter/releases.html#flutter-1-1-0

Contact for this matter


If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager or the chat support in the admin panel.

Repro Customer Success